Skin Care Ritual


By following the steps below, you provide a complete regimen to obtain and retain healthy skin.

Sensitive, fragile, redness or dry skin is challenging to cleanse – even more so with young children and the elderly. Repeated cleansing with soaps and washing agents results in after-wash tightness, skin dryness, skin barrier compromise and redness. The answer is a cleanser that not only cleans gently and effectively, but also nourishes and helps moisturize skin without occluding it.

Remedy Cleans without Harsh Surfactants
Remedy with Phytoplex cleansers are formulated to be low sudsing, as suds typically are produced by harsh sulfate-based surfactants that remove skin’s protective oils. Less suds also means less mess to clean up – important in your home and while traveling. Tear-free formulations that are pH-balanced ensure that you won’t feel the sting of regular shampoos and soaps in your eyes.

The Science of Mildness
Remedy with Phytoplex Cleansers work with phospholipids and some of today’s mildest cleansing agents such as coco glucoside and disodium cocoamphodiacetate – derived from coconuts and simple sugars. Phospholipids mimic the skin’s own lipids, and their unique hydrophyllic/oleophyllic molecular structure helps lift away dirt and oils without stripping the skin dry.

Cleansers do more than Clean
It’s important that a cleanser not only cleans gently and effectively, but also conditions the skin without occluding it. The proprietary Phytoplex blend of botanicals nourish the skin with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in chlorophyll-laden blue- green algae. It helps structurally moisturize skin cells with soy proteins. It soothes the skin with the antioxidant power of green tea and clove flower. Remedy with Phytoplex cleansers leave skin cleaned, more nourished, better hydrated and prepared for the next steps in your skin health regimen.

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One of the primary contributing factors to sensitive skin is a lack of moisture and natural oils. This is even more prevalent in babies and aging populations where the skin’s lipid production is either just starting or in decline. Remedy with Phytoplex™ moisturizers are specifically formulated with these individuals in mind. By providing exceptional nutrition, emollients, vitamins, and hydration with each application, the skin is able to strengthen itself and in turn enhance overall health.

How Remedy with Phytoplex Moisturizers Work
Natural oils and the proprietary elements of Phytoplex help tighten the junctions between dead cells (keratinocytes) in the top layer of skin (stratum corneum), improving the skin’s maintenance of its barrier properties. Because this is done free of petroleum-derived ingredients, any occlusion is kept to a minimum.

Remedy with Phytoplex moisturizers also include tiny, naturally occurring oil packets surrounded by phospholipid “shells” known as oleosomes. These oleosomes rupture as they are spread onto the skin, resulting in long-lasting, controlled-release moisturization.

The role of moisturizers and skin with neonate populations
For babies and new borns, skin accounts for 10-13% of the body weight compared to a 3% of the body weight for an adult. Their stratum corneum is not totally formed yet, allowing the loss of water through the skin, called trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) and putting them at higher risk for infections. Studies have shown that to protect and restore the skin in neonates, daily use of emollients reduced visible dermatitis and improved skin integrity.

The importance of moisture and natural oils in geriatric care
One of the most significant changes of the skin as we age is increased dryness. This can be attributed to a reduction in the water content of the uppermost layer of the skin, a decrease in intercellular lipids and a decrease in sebum secretion, all of which are needed for skin to stay soft, supple and smooth. Without proper moisturization as part of a daily skin care regimen, these relatively minor issues of dry skin can quickly escalate into more serious skin conditions.

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Sunscreen may be the most important part of your skincare regimen. The number-one cause of wrinkles is sun damage, so it's important to use sunscreen from your early years on even in winter and on cloudy days. A great trick is to purchase two moisturizers: One for night and one for day that includes UV protection. Don't use moisturizers with sunscreen at night, the ingredients are not meant to be used 24/7 and can aggravate skin. Also, consider protection from moisture evaporation and contact with moisture that occurs during episodes of incontinence, wound drainage, etc., for babies, the elderly and others.

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For the safe and effective removal of common fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot (tinea pedis), jock itch (tinea cruris), ringworm (tinea corpora), candidiasis and tinea versicolor use anti-perspirants and talcum powder to keep high-risk areas dry. If you’re susceptible to Athlete’s Foot, use an anti-fungal powder and cream, and anti-fungal socks. In high humidity, keep clothing loose and light; avoid knits and less breathable synthetic materials.

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