Remedy Advanced Skin Care System


Your Skin During Cancer Treatments

Most cancer patients have some degree of skin reaction, either related to radiation, or, occasionally, chemotherapy. The reactions can vary depending on the type and location of the cancer and other health issues.

With radiation, skin reactions often occur three to four weeks after the treatment begins and can continue for a few weeks after the therapy is completed. The range of possible skin conditions include:

  • A pin or sunburned appearance
  • Extreme dryness
  • Irritation
  • Itchiness
  • Weepy or scaly skin
  • Blisters—sometimes resulting in an open wound

Instances of skin reactions from chemotherapy are less common and may include:
  • Sensitivity – Skin that is delicate to the touch
  • Redness—Especially on the hands and feet
  • Exfoliation – A shedding of the skin

Defend your Skin with Remedy

Regular and proper care with Remedy skin care products can help to relieve minor skin irritations commonly associated with cancer treatments.

The Remedy family includes two product lines:
Remedy® with Olivamine  — A complete line of clinically proven products for comprehensive skincare.
Remedy® with Phytoplex™   — An alternate formulation designed specifically or patients with very sensitive skin.

All Remedy skin care products offer:

  • Vitamins to support the ability of the skin to utilize amino acids
  • Powerful antioxidants to help protect skin cells against free radical damage
  • Silicones and natural oils to hold in moisture and minimize chaffing by forming a protective barrier

A Product for Every Need


Remedy’s soap-free, no-rinse formula cleanses with phospholipids and coconut oil derivatives to protect your skin’s natural oils. They cleanse, moisturize and nourish the skin:


Use daily after cleansing and especially after each treatment. Repeat as needed.


Apply Nutrashield protectant on top of moisturizers to help minimize additional moisture loss when the skin is very dry.


Antifungal Creams and Powders relieve itching, burning and irritation associated with fungal infections.

Hints for healthier skin:

  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing over the irradiated area. Avoid tight elastic or constricting garments. If you are being treated for breast cancer, avoid wearing a bra whenever possible. If you do wear a bra, aovid underwires, lace or seams that may create pressure points.
  • Use lukewarm water and soft cloths for showering or bathing. Be sure to pat the skin and avoid rubbing.
  • Discuss the use of antiperspirants or deodorants in or around treated skin with your doctor. They may contain ingredients that could interfere with your radiation therapy.
  • Avoid the sun and any harsh weather conditions.
  • Do not apply any products to your skin within two hours prior to your radiation treatment. Cleanse the skin of all creams or lotions including Remedy products.
  • As soon as radiation treatment is done, cover affected area with Remedy moisturizers.
  • If receiving chemotherapy treatments, apply products anytime.

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